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The effect of magnetic field on flow induced-deformation in absorbing porous tissues

Aftab Ahmed Javed I. Siddique

*Corresponding author: Aftab Ahmed 680aftab@gmail.com


In order to understand the interaction between magnetic field and biological tissues in a physiological system, we present a mathematical model of flow-induced deformation in absorbing porous tissues in the presence of a uniform magnetic field. The tissue is modeled as a deformable porous material in which high cavity pressure drives fluid through the tissue where it is absorbed by capillaries and lymphatics. A biphasic mixture theory is used to develop the model under the assumptions of small solid deformation and strain-dependent linear permeability. A spherical cavity formed during injection of fluid in the tissue is used to find fluid pressure and solid displacement as a function of radial distance and time. The governing nonlinear PDE for fluid pressure is solved numerically using method of lines whereas tissue solid displacement is computed by employing trapezoidal rule. The effect of magnetic parameter on fluid pressure, solid displacement and tissue permeability is illustrated graphically.

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