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Different retiming transformation technique to design optimized low power VLSI architecture

Jalaja S Vijaya Prakash A M

*Corresponding author: Jalaja S jalajabit@gmail.com


A different method for designing low power retime architecture is presented in this paper. The modified retiming transformation techniques approach to reduce the dynamic power consumption of the digital circuit, without compromising the output results. In this paper, retiming transformation is extended in two-ways to reduce the power consumption of the design. Graphical Circular Retiming and Tabular Shift Retiming are the two methods used to realize how the registers are mapped to reduce the glitching power. Proposed transformation technique delay value is placed in the form of metric and verified without sacrificing the functionality. Proposed transformation technique is applied to FIR filter to analyze the simulation and synthesis results as proofs of this concept. Experimental results are compared with the conventional retiming transformation technique with the same operating frequency, and with the significant reduction in dynamic power of FIR filter.

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