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Sensitivity thermal analysis in the laser-assisted tape placement process

Marta Perez Anais Barasinski Benoit Courtemanche Chady Ghnatios Francisco Chinesta

*Corresponding author: Anais Barasinski anais.barasinski@ec-nantes.fr


Nowadays, the production of large pieces made of thermoplastic composites is an industrial challenging issue as there are yet several difficulties associated to their processing. The laser-assisted tape placement (LATP) process is an automated manufacturing technique to produce long-fiber reinforced thermoplastic matrix composites. In this process, a tape is placed and progressively welded on the substrate. The main aim of the present work is to solve an almost state of the art thermal model by using an efficient numerical technique, the so-called Proper Generalized Decomposition (PGD) that considers parameters (geometrical and material) as model extra-coordinates. Within the PGD rationale the parametric temperature field is expressed in a separated form, as a finite sum of functional products, where each term depends on a single coordinate (space, time or each one of the parameters considered as extra-coordinates). Such a separated representation allows the explicit expression of the sensitivity fields, from the temperature derivative with respect to each parameter. These sensitivity fields represent a very valuable methodology to analyze and establish the influence of the critical input parameters on the thermal response, and therefore, for performing process optimization and control, as well as for evaluating the effect of parameters variability on the thermal response.

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