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Socio-economic determinants of landslide risk perception in Murree hills of Pakistan

Said Qasim Muhammad Qasim Rajendra P. Shrestha Amir Nawaz Khan

*Corresponding author: Said Qasim saidqasim2@gmail.com


Murree, located in the sub-Himalayan Mountains, with geographical position extending from 33°52′ to 33°59′ North and 73°24′ to 73°31′ East is the worst slide-affected area of Pakistan. This area is recurrently affected by landslides and causes severe damages to land, life lines, houses, livestock and human life. This article has tried to determine the socio-economic determinants of landslide risk perception in Murree hills of Pakistan. Information was collected from 200, randomly selected sample households through questionnaire survey. The questionnaire consisted of questions regarding socio-economic characteristics of the respondents and risk perceptions about landslides. Socio-economic variables affecting landslide risks were also determined through relevant literature. A binary logistic regression was used to find out determinants of landslide risk perception in the study area. Results revealed that out of five variables, three variables including educational level, location and past experience had significant impact on landslide risk perception. The study recommends important policy implications for preparedness and mitigation plans against landslides in the study area.

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