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Potentiality of biomethane production from slaughtered rumen digesta for reduction of environmental pollution

Muhammad Rashed Al Mamun Anika Tasnim Shahidul Bashar Md. Jasim Uddin

*Corresponding author: Muhammad Rashed Al Mamun rashedshahi@gmail.com


Energy consumes by the world comes from fossil fuel which is non-renewable and pollute environment. Therefore, renewable energy is a possible solution for replacement of fossil fuel. Recycling rumen digesta can be considered as renewable energy source. Anaerobic digestion is one of the best processes for rumen digesta management which will lead to production of biogas, reduction in GHGs emissions and reduce environmental pollution. The purpose of this study was to assess number of slaughterhouse, amount of slaughtered animal, availability of rumen digesta in Sylhet City Corporation and generation of biogas from rumen digesta. The study was conducted in different locations of Sylhet City Corporation The experiment for biogas generation was carried out in 3300 ml digester under mesophilic condition. The mixing ratio of animal digesta and water was 1:1. Hydraulic retention time of the experiment was 40 days. The produced biogas was measured by water displacement method. The result showed that co-digestion of rumen digesta of chicken, cow, goat increased production of biogas. The maximum biogas generation from rumen digesta of chicken, cow, goat and co-digestion of three substrates were 27.2, 3, 39, 7.5 ml/day at the 12th, 28th, 9th, 1st day respectively. The average production of biogas from chicken, cow, goat and co-digestion of rumen digesta were 9.865, 1.32, 6.89, 6.35 ml/day respectively. The average methane production was 58.69%, 58.77%, 57.39% and 56.93% in biogas from chicken, cow, goat and mixed rumen digesta respectively. The study suggests making digester in every slaughterhouse for recycling rumen digesta and produce biogas which can recover future energy crisis and reduce environmental pollution.

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