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Controlling a model for bone marrow dynamics in cancer chemotherapy

Urszula Ledzewicz Heinz Schättler

*Corresponding author:  


This paper analyzes a mathematical model for the growth of bone marrow cells under cell-cycle-speci c cancer chemotherapy originally proposed by Fister and Panetta [8]. The model is formulated as an optimal control problem with control representing the drug dosage (respectively its eff ect) and objective of Bolza type depending on the control linearly, a so-called $L^1$-objective. We apply the Maximum Principle, followed by high-order necessary conditions for optimality of singular arcs and give sufficient conditions for optimality based on the method of characteristics. Singular controls are eliminated as candidates for optimality, and easily veri able conditions for strong local optimality of bang-bang controls are formulated in the form of transversality conditions at switching surfaces. Numerical simulations are given.

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