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T model of growth and its application in systems of tumor-immunedynamics

Mohammad A. Tabatabai Wayne M. Eby Karan P. Singh Sejong Bae

*Corresponding author:  


In this paper we introduce a new growth model called Tgrowth model. This model is capable of representing sigmoidal growth as wellas biphasic growth. This dual capability is achieved without introducingadditional parameters. The T model is useful in modeling cellularproliferation or regression of cancer cells, stem cells, bacterial growth anddrug dose-response relationships. We recommend usage of the T growth model forthe growth of tumors as part of any system of differential equations. Use ofthis model within a system will allow more flexibility in representing thenatural rate of tumor growth. For illustration, we examine some systems oftumor-immune interaction in which the T growth rate is applied. We also applythe model to a set of tumor growth data.

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