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Global dynamics of a vector-host epidemic model with age of infection

Yan-Xia Dang Zhi-Peng Qiu Xue-Zhi Li Maia Martcheva

*Corresponding author: Xue-Zhi Li xzli66@126.com


In this paper, a partial differential equation (PDE) model is proposed to explore the transmission dynamics of vector-borne diseases. The model includes both incubation age of the exposed hosts and infection age of the infectious hosts which describe incubation-age dependent removal rates in the latent period and the variable infectiousness in the infectious period, respectively. The reproductive number $\mathcal R_0$ is derived. By using the method of Lyapunov function, the global dynamics of the PDE model is further established, and the results show that the basic reproduction number $\mathcal R_0$ determines the transmission dynamics of vector-borne diseases: the disease-free equilibrium is globally asymptotically stable if $\mathcal R_0≤ 1$, and the endemic equilibrium is globally asymptotically stable if $\mathcal{R}_0>1$. The results suggest that an effective strategy to contain vector-borne diseases is decreasing the basic reproduction number $\mathcal{R}_0$ below one.

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