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What happened to my legs when I broke my arm?

Juliet A Harvey Sebastien FM Chastin Dawn A Skelton

*Corresponding author: Juliet A Harvey Juliet.Harvey@gcu.ac.uk


This case report describes an incident that occurred during the course of a research intervention study. Participants in the study were continually monitored with an activPAL activity monitor. Whilst wearing the monitor a participant had a fall causing musculoskeletal trauma requiring hospital admission. The patient was admitted for an acute hospital stay (3 days) for management of the upper limb injury. The case report presents the measurement of the participant’s sedentary time before the incident, during hospitalisation and post discharge. The report is relevant for education and service design both in hospital and in the community settings as it demonstrates the rapid influence of an upper limb injury and consequences beyond the hospital bed. This report is novel as it presents not only hospitalisation and post hospital activity, but also provides insight into the individual’s actual objective (rather than retrospective self-report) activity patterns before hospitalisation. The infographic presentation has been chosen to allow quick and easy understanding of information.

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