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Plasma, serum, albumin, and divalent metal ions inhibit the adhesion and the biofilm formation of Cutibacterium (Propionibacterium) acnes

Tatyana V. Polyudova Daria V. Eroshenko Vladimir P. Korobov

*Corresponding author: Daria V. Eroshenko dasha.eroshenko@gmail.com


Adhesion and biofilm formation of human skin bacteria C. acnes on plasma, serum and albumin-coated polystyrene or in the presence of these blood components were studied. The proteins which were pre-adsorbed to polystyrene surface or added to the medium simultaneously with bacterial cells reduced C. acnes adhesion and biofilm formation by 2–5 times to compare to the control. The role of calcium, magnesium and zinc on C. acnes attachment was also assessed. Calcium (1 and 10 mM) had the inhibitory effect on C. acnes adhesion, whereas zinc (1 and 10 mM) diminished the biofilm formation of C. acnes. We also observed that C. acnes cells did not bind to erythrocytes. Thus, we suggest that bacteria C. acnes preferably colonize the plasma-poor environment due to the inhibitory effect of blood components, in particular, albumin, calcium, and zinc.

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