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Cohesive delamination and frictional contact on joining surface via XFEM

Francesco Parrinello Giuseppe Marannano

*Corresponding author: Francesco Parrinello francesco.parrinello@unipa.it.


In the present paper, the complex mechanical behaviour of the surfaces joining two different bodies is analysed by a cohesive-frictional interface constitutive model. The kinematical behaviour is characterized by the presence of discontinuous displacement fields, that take place at the internal connecting surfaces, both in the fully cohesive phase and in the delamination one. Generally, in order to catch discontinuous displacement fields, internal connecting surfaces (adhesive layers) are modelled by means of interface elements, which connect, node by node, the meshes of the joined bodies, requiring the mesh to be conforming to the geometry of the single bodies and to the relevant connecting surface. In the present paper, the Extended Finite Element Method (XFEM) is employed to model, both from the geometrical and from the kinematical point of view, the whole domain, including the connected bodies and the joining surface. The joining surface is not discretized by specific finite elements, but it is defined as an internal discontinuity surface, whose spatial position inside the mesh is analytically defined. The proposed approach is developed for two-dimensional composite domains, formed by two or more material portions joined together by means of a zero thickness adhesive layer. The numerical results obtained with the proposed approach are compared with the results of the classical interface finite element approach. Some examples of delamination and frictional contact are proposed with linear, circular and curvilinear adhesive layer.

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