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Relation between Health Literacy Levels, Hypertension Awareness and Control among Primary-secondary School Teachers in Turkey

Gülay Yilmazel Fevziye Çetinkaya

*Corresponding author: Gülay Yilmazel dryilmazelgul@gmail.com


Objective: Health literacy plays a critical role in chronic disease self-management. This study aimed to determine the relation between health literacy levels, hypertension awareness and control among primary-secondary school teachers in Turkey. Materials and Methods: This descriptive and cross-sectional research was conducted among school teachers with the participation of 500 volunteer teachers of both genders. The response rate was 86.2%. To determine health literacy levels, the Newest Vital Sign Scale and Blood Pressure Concept Test were used. Results: The mean scores of all individuals were 2.12 ± 1.82 over six points although this showed “limited” levels of health literacy. The mean scores obtained from the scale were 2.13 ± 1.83 in non-hypertensives, while it was 2.06 ± 1.77 in hypertensives. Nonetheless, disease knowledge and awareness were low in teachers. Adequate health literacy levels were low according to disease awareness and control. The measured health literacy levels of teachers didn’t overlap with their own assessments about health literacy skills. Recommendations: Limited health literacy levels in educators gave an impression that our education system was poor in terms of health education programs.

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