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Plant probiotic bacteria: solutions to feed the world

Esther Menendez Paula Garcia-Fraile

*Corresponding author: Esther Menendez, Paula Garcia-Fraile esthermenendez@uevora.pt; garcia@biomed.cas.cz


The increasing human population expected in the next decades, the growing demand of livestock products—which production requires higher amounts of feed products fabrication, the collective concern about food quality in industrialized countries together with the need to protect the fertility of soils, in particular, and the environment, in general, constitute as a whole big challenge that worldwide agriculture has to face nowadays. Some soil bacteria harbor mechanisms to promote plant growth, which include phytostimulation, nutrient mobilization, biocontrol of plant pathogens and abiotic stresses protection. These bacteria have also been proved as promoters of vegetable food quality. Therefore, these microbes, also so-called Plant Probiotic Bacteria, applied as biofertilizers in crop production, constitute an environmental friendly manner to contribute to produce the food and feed needed to sustain world population. In this review, we summarize some of the best-known mechanisms of plant probiotic bacteria to improve plant growth and develop a more sustainable agriculture.

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