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Global changes in total and wind electricity (1990–2014)

María del P. Pablo-Romero Rafael Pozo-Barajas

*Corresponding author: María del P. Pablo-Romero mpablorom@us.es


Wind energy is one of the renewable energies which have less adverse environmental impact and is becoming economically affordable long before several other renewable energies. Over recent years, substantial additions have been noted in wind energy capacity, although many differences can be observed between countries. Using the latest available data, this paper provides a concise analysis of wind energy and electricity consumption trends for the period 1990–2014 in a dual perspective, by principal world regions and by per capita gross national income levels in 2014. Electricity consumption has been divided into three types of energy: non-renewable, renewable excluding wind and wind energy. Annual rates of change, energy intensity, energy in per capita terms and some ratios have been analyzed. Notable regional differences and trends are observed in the studied variables. The first 15 European Union countries, other developed countries (ODC) and East Asian (EAS) and South Asian countries (SAS) are the regions which currently have the highest wind capacity.

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