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Dynamic propagation of a macrocrack interacting with parallel small cracks

Bozo Vazic Hanlin Wang Cagan Diyaroglu Selda Oterkus Erkan Oterkus

*Corresponding author: Selda Oterkus selda.oterkus@strath.ac.uk


In this study, the effect of small cracks on the dynamic propagation of a macrocrack is investigated by using a new continuum mechanics formulation, peridynamics. Various combinations of small cracks with different number, location and density are considered. Depending on the location, density and number of small cracks, the propagation speed of macrocrack differs. Some combinations of small cracks slows down the propagation of a macrocrack by 34%. Presented results show that this analysis can be useful for the design of new microstructurally toughened materials.

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