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Dynamic stress intensity factor analysis of the interaction between multiple impact-loaded cracks in infinite domains

A.-V. Phan

*Corresponding author: A.-V. Phan vphan@southalabama.edu


In this work, the dynamic interaction between multiple cracks whose surfaces are symmetrically impact-loaded in infinite domains is investigated. Toward this end, the symmetric-Galerkin boundary element method (SGBEM) for 2-D elastodynamics in the Laplace-space frequency (LaplaceSGBEM) was employed to compute the dynamic stress intensity factors (DSIFs) for the cracks during their interaction under dynamic loading conditions. Three examples of multi-crack dynamic interaction were considered. The Laplace-SGBEM results show that the DSIFs will reach their maximum value after the cracks are loaded. It is followed by a damped-like oscillation of the DSIFs about their corresponding static value. In addition, as the cracks approach each other, the dynamic stress field in the vicinity of their crack tips interacts which results in an increase or decrease of the maximum DSIFs.

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