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Analysis of temperature dependent power supply voltage drop in graphene nanoribbon and Cu based power interconnects

Sandip Bhattacharya Debaprasad Das Hafizur Rahaman

*Corresponding author: Sandip Bhattacharya 1983.sandip@gmail.com


In this paper, we propose a temperature dependent resistive model of multi layered graphene nanoribbon (MLGNR) and Cu based power interconnects. Using the proposed model, power supply voltage drop (IR-drop) analysis for 16 nm technology node is performed. The novelty in our work is that this is the first time a temperature dependent IR-Drop model for MLGNR and Cu interconnects is proposed. For a temperature range from 150 K to 450 K, the variation of resistance of MLGNR interconnect is ~2–5× times lesser than that of traditional copper based power interconnects. Our analysis shows that MLGNR based power interconnects can achieve ~1.5–3.5× reduction in IR-drop and ~1.5–3× reduction in propagation delay as compared with copper based interconnects for local, intermediate and global interconnects.

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