Urban Water Challenges: Risks, Management and Sustainability

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Guest Editor
Prof. Joaquín Melgarejo
Director of the University Institute of Water and Environmental Sciences (IUACA)
Professor History and Economic Institutions
University of Alicante
Email: jmelgar@ua.es

Manuscript Topics
Theme: Urban Water Challenges: Risks, Management and Sustainability
Introduction of the special issue:
Population growth and economic development are pressures that have profoundly altered the relationships among factors related to sustainable development. Besides, climate change effects with water cycle dynamics variations are foreseen, which worsen imbalances between water supply and demand. Within this context, the growing global scarcity of water is forcing a change in the way this resource is understood and also in the existing models to manage it, considering the need to implement good water governance schemes. As a consequence, the road to circular economy demands interdisciplinary research and discussion on these complex relationships, so that the socioeconomic and environmental impacts may be faced.

The problems concerning water management are particularly complex, thus aprioristic positions should be avoided and experts are responsible for presenting the advantages and disadvantages of the different solutions in order to facilitate decision making.

Bearing in mind the background, this Special Issue aims to take an in-depth look at the Urban Water Challenges, from a holistic perspective. Theoretical and empirical contributions highlighting challenges associated with urban water are welcome.

This Special Issue on Urban Water Challenges seeks to analyse the interactions between urban systems and water management and invites publications on the following topics: alternative water sources and the water balance, distributed systems, water supply infrastructure and energy efficiency, composition of wastewater and effectiveness of treatment infrastructure, costs evaluation of urban water systems, leakage control, modernisation of management, stormwater drainage and flood risk, wastewater disposal, hydrology modelling, water security, integration of water management into urban planning, water law and good governance or water reuse and circular economy approaches.

Paper submission
 All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication.
The deadline for manuscript submission is 30 November 2018.

Instruction for Authors
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M.A. Pardo, A.Riquelme1, J. Melgarejo
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