Tectonic activities and associated Volcanism around Japanese Archipelago

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Guest Editor
Prof. Hafiz Ur Rehman
Kagoshima University, Japan
Email: hafiz@sci.kagoshima-u.ac.jp

Manuscript Topics
Japan is located along a double subduction zone (Pacific Oceanic plate subduction at its east and Philippine Sea Plate to its south).
Due to the active subduction beneath the Japan, seismic activities as well as volcanism are common in and around Japanese islands, creating magmatic, volcanic rocks. Metamorphic rocks along the older subduction zone are also important to understand the paleo-subduction and later exhumation processes. The special issue can have salient papers that can increase our understanding on the tectonics and volcanic activities in the area.

Contributions could be reviews or standard research papers.

Paper submission
 All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication.
The deadline for manuscript submission is 15th February 2019

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