Organic Growth Exploration Strategy

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Guest Editor
Dr. Hans Christen Rønnevik
Member of Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences, Norway

Manuscript Topics
The main purpose of a knowledge based organic growth strategy is to find and produce new petroleum. The essences of a strategy are to create concepts where to drill, obtain factual information and learn until the reservoirs are produced.

Focus is on the concept creation, uncertainty management, adapting to reality during operations based on available technology, insufficient data and continuous improving to better practice.

A holistic strategy reflecting the need for complementary strategies can be reflected by papers by
• Government
• Large international companies
• Midsize integrated companies
• Start up organic companies

The major new awareness:
• Late kinematic and recent and ongoing migration beyond what has been used in basin modeling
• New understanding of residence time of oil in reservoirs is
• Following successes based on appropriate technology of the time new technology is emerging and change the game rules (old theories in new technology); Analogue, digital. 3D, Broadband, Topseis
• Continuous better practice needed to be a winner

We are also seeking for paper dealing with Skill:
• Seismic imaging is being developed towards broadband
• Drilling, coring and sidetracks are keys to increased knowledge
• Continuous learning on all parameters during operations
• Continuous processing and analysis during drilling by the people who did the prognosis
• Adapt the plans to reality not visa versa
• Create flexibility to perform corrective actions during operations

Contributions could be reviews or standard research papers.

Paper submission
 All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication.
The deadline for manuscript submission is 15th December 2018

Instructions for authors
Please submit your manuscript to online submission system

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