Submarine mass movements

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Guest Editor
Dr. Oliver Dabson
Geomorphologist | Tunnels & Ground Engineering
Prof. F. Ornella Amore
University of Sannio, Italy

Manuscript Topics
The effects of submarine mass movements are relatively well-understood in both the academic and applied geoscience communities. Landslides have been known to interrupt critical seafloor infrastructure, including global communication links and hydrocarbon extraction pipelines. The deposits from these failures act as focal points for important biological communities, and are key for the genesis of petroleum systems when buried. However, limitations in the technology available to submarine geoscientists has hindered the understanding of the mechanisms and processes of the submarine realm and has resulted in a relatively poor understanding of subaqueous landsliding, especially when compared to the state of terrestrial landslide science.

Technological developments in the last few decades have resulted in progressively higher resolution bathymetric datasets, presenting the geoscience community with an increasingly clearer picture of the seafloor and the means to better understand the submarine realm. The diverse end-user focus of seafloor geoscience means that a huge variety of data are collected and analysed, ranging from individual slab failures for oil and gas pipeline routing exercises to full back-analysis of some of the largest landslides that have ever occurred on the planet. This special issue is proposed as a contribution to bring together some of these research efforts, highlighting the technological developments to the data collection process as well as the nature of the findings that these data can assist. The submitted papers are both of academic and applied focus and serve as a showcase for the breadth of both the content and the degree of innovation within this rapidly developing area of science.

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