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Guest Editor
Prof. Yan Cao
Institute for Combustion Science, Western Kentucky University

Manuscript Topics
Catalysis science has help make substantial achievements in many practical applications, such as those in the product chain of the petroleum industry. Currently, situations involving combat against global warming and the depletion of traditional fossil fuels, and the upcoming commercial utilization of green renewable energy have made photon-induced catalysis processes very much attractive due to the limitless supply of solar energy. Photocatalysis has been featured in many recent scientific achievements, mostly in clean energy-and-environmental application such as the coverage of hydrogen production from water using solar energy, the CO2 abatement of hydrocarbons, water purification and air pollutant removals, nitrogen fixation in agriculture, energy storages, as well as optoelectronics. Photocatalytic science is established on the development of photosensitive materials that use photons to drive electro/chemical reactions. Following the first basic photocatalyst, TiO2, many new materials have been recognized for their excellent properties in photocatalytic reactivity and wavelength coverage. They include complex metal oxides, perovskites-based photocatalysts and graphene-like two-dimensional materials.

This special issue provides an overview for the most recent research and developments in photocatalysis materials and processes, addressing the relevance of interaction of materials to photon, deep plant into the electrochemistry and quantum mechanisms, theoretical simulation, structural and electronic aspects of new materials, innovative material synthesis techniques, and the current state-of-the-art applications recognized for their efficiency and selectivity.

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Akira Nishimura, Tadaki Inoue, Yoshito Sakakibara, Masafumi Hirota, Akira Koshio, Fumio Kokai, Eric Hu
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Akira Nishimura, Ryuki Toyoda, Daichi Tatematsu, Masafumi Hirota, Akira Koshio, Fumio Kokai, Eric Hu
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Julien G. Mahy, Stéphanie D. Lambert, Jérémy Geens, Alain Daniel, David Wicky, Catherine Archambeau, Benoît Heinrichs
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