Advances in tropical and subtropical fruit quality: pre-harvest techniques and postharvest management

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Vittorio Farina, Ph.D
Department of Agricultural, Food and Forest Sciences (SAAF), Università degli Studi di Palermo.

Carla Gentile, Ph.D
Department of Biological, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies (STEBICEF), Università degli Studi di Palermo.

Giuseppe Sortino Ph.D
Department of Agricultural, Food and Forest Sciences (SAAF), Università degli Studi di Palermo, Università degli Studi di Palermo.

Invitation to submit an original research article, opinion paper or review article for a special edition of AIMS Agriculture and Food


The tropical and subtropical fruit cultivation and industry is a vibrant sector with progressive expansion in production and international trade justified also by an increasing trend in fresh and processed fruit consumption in the last years.

Moreover, considering the very limited shelf life of subtropical and tropical fruits, this important agricultural and food sector could be further exploited for the development of several new products, especially processed ones.

Temperature management and dehydration control are the two most important strategies to extend shelf life and retain quality of those fruits. The other supplements, such as controlled and modified atmospheres, 1-methylcyclopropene fumigation and heat treatments can further enhance their storability. On the other hand, due growing concern about food safety and environmental issue, a major goal for postharvest handling of tropical and subtropical fruits should emphasize on both effective preservation of the quality attributes and the use of appropriate technologies considered to be safe and low or no adverse environmental impact.

Although traditional fruit quality attributes, including color, firmness, and flavor, that influence external appearance, are probably the most important characteristics that persuading the consumer, in the last decade also nutritional and nutraceutical value are increasingly considered. In particular, subtropical and tropical fruits are very interesting sources of nutrients and micronutrients, including phytochemicals and possess an additional commercial potential concerning phytochemical extraction for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry applications .

It is a special issue to present and discuss the factors involved in pre- and post-harvest of tropical and subtropical fruits to restrict loss and ensure the maximum pomological, sensorial and nutraceutical value.

The goal of this special issue is to introduce the recent advanced topics for the most relevant problems in tropical and subtropical fruits cultivation and storage and to emphasize the effective, safe, and environmentally-friendly technologies involved along the supply chain of these fruits.

Researches and applications in tropical and subtropical fruits quality, in both academic researches and real world application, are especially encouraged to be submitted to this special issue to present the latest results and development in this fast growing field.

Topics covered in this special issue on tropical and subtropical fruits include:

• Cultivation techniques to enhance fruit quality
• Organic fruit cultivation
• Tropical and subtropical fruit adaptation to Mediterranean climate areas
• Analytical and sensory evaluation of fruit quality
• Tropical and subtropical fruit disease
• Postharvest physiology, processing and packaging to reduce losses and maintain fruit quality
• Processing and handling of fresh-cut tropical and subtropical fruit
• Bioactive compounds in tropical and subtropical fruits
• Biorefineries for processing tropical and subtropical fruits
• Marketing channels and consumer choice


Pre-harvest management, postharvest quality, sensory evaluation, fresh cut, functional food, bioactive compounds.

Instructions for authors:

Submission due date:September 30, 2018

Elysson Marcks G. Andrade, Geovani S. de Lima, Vera Lúcia A. de Lima, Saulo S. da Silva, Hans R. Gheyi, Auryclennedy C. Araújo, Josivanda P. Gomes, Lauriane A. dos A. Soares
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Gullo Gregorio, Dattola Antonio, Zappia Rocco
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Stefano Puccio, Anna Perrone, Giuseppe Sortino, Giuseppe Gianguzzi, Carla Gentile, Vittorio Farina
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Salvatore D’Aquino, Daniela Satta, Luciano De Pau, Amedeo Palma
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