Materials Processing

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There is a vast demand for improving production efficiency and component performance, which is strongly relied on fundamental understanding of material processing mechanisms, as well as their correlation with the optimization of process operating conditions. Materials processing is a highly coupled interaction between materials and tools, in particular for the process operating in the microscopic. With the aid of advanced computational methods, the ongoing material processing can be directly monitored and analyzed, which provides valuable insights into the correlation between microscopic material deformation behavior and marcoscopic processing results. As an important supplement for experiments, the predicted results by computational investigation facilitate the rational design of experimental material processing.

Handling Editor(s)

Junjie Zhang  

Center for Precision Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, People's Republic of China

Kipkurui N Ronoh, Fredrick M Mwema, Stephen A Akinlabi, Esther T Akinlabi, Nancy W Karuri, Harrison T Ngetha
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Lu Liao, Guo Li, Junjie Zhang
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Jian Qin, Zhan Zhang, X.-Grant Chen
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Mohammed Nizam Khan, Sumesh Narayan, Ananthanarayanan Rajeshkannan
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Thepwachara Ruchirabha, Shigeru Nagasawa
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Ananthanarayanan Rajeshkannan, Sumesh Narayan, A.K. Jeevanantham
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Rudolf Kawalla, Anett Stöcker, Ulrich Prahl, Xuefei Wei, Jens Dierdorf, Gerhard Hirt, Martin Heller, Stefan Roggenbuck, Sandra Korte-Kerzel, Hannes Alois Weiss, Philipp Tröber, Lucas Böhm, Wolfram Volk, Nora Leuning, Kay Hameyer
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Marta Perez, Anais Barasinski, Benoit Courtemanche, Chady Ghnatios, Francisco Chinesta
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Roman Fediuk, Aleksandr Mochalov, Roman Timokhin
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Hitoshi Soyama, Yuya Okura
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Alexander V. Perig, Nikolai N. Golodenko
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