Applied Demography and Public Health

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Guest Editor
Prof. Komanduri S. Murty
Department of Behavioral Sciences and Population Studies Center, Fort Valley State University, Fort Valley, GA, USA.

Manuscript Topics
The special issue on “Applied Demography and Public Health” invites scholarly contributions focusing on any of the following issues.

• Prevalence and patterns of epidemics (e.g., HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Zika) and successful intervention models
• Risk-oriented Behaviors (e.g., smoking, excessive drinking, unsafe sex, drug use, etc.) and their association to public health and mortality;
• Psychological and mental health aspects (aggression, depression, anxiety, stress, etc.) and their association to public health and mortality;
• Public health policies and practices (e.g., public health and human rights; national epidemic/disease outbreak control policies etc.);
• Public health issues among special populations (e.g., ethnic minorities, gender minorities, immigrant groups, etc.)
• Health Promotion and Education

Both quantitative and qualitative papers are welcomed. All manuscripts should be type-written, double-spaced with margins of at least one inch on all sides, and formatted in APA style. The average acceptable length of manuscript is about 25 pages. They must be accompanied by an abstract (not exceeding 150 words); and, a statement that it has not been previously published elsewhere and that it has not been submitted for publication concurrently elsewhere.

All papers undergo a blind peer review, and anonymous reviewers’ comments shall be notified to authors in a summary form.

Paper submission
All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication.
The deadline for manuscript submission is 15th April, 2017.

Instructions for authors
Please submit your manuscript to online submission system

S. J. Olshansky, L. Hayflick
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