Elucidating the Specifics of Food Security: Diverse Challenges, Differing Perspectives and Ranges of Solutions

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As guest editors for an upcoming special issue of AIMS Agriculture and Food, we invite you to submit a concept paper (1 to 3 pages) for review addressing the topic of food security. Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit a complete manuscript (10-15 pages) for peer review and inclusion in this special issue. The theme of the issue is “Elucidating the Specifics of Food Security: Diverse Challenges, Differing Perspectives and Ranges of Solutions”. Our special interest includes, but is not limited to conceptual/theoretical, and/or empirical papers (field studies, quantitative models) treating any of the following broad topics:

1.    Differing definitions and perspectives on food security: from local to international; across types of organizations and governments; across classes; across academic fields of study.

2.    Acute and chronic food security issues and solutions in developed vs. developing countries.

3.    Effects of food aid vs. agricultural and food system development on food security in developing countries.

4.    Concepts of food security with respect to environment and other social issues (e.g., real cost of food, including ecological measures; income distribution; limits on food availability and choice).

5.    Impacts of changes in energy and water infrastructure on food insecurity.

6.    Approaches to reducing food waste in developing and/or developed countries.

7.    Policy effects on food security: intended and unintended; domestic vs. international, vs. corporate vs. NGO vs. foundations.

8.    New food and feed sources, new protein-rich food sources.

9.    Conventional and unconventional approaches to address the challenges of food security, approaches to address malnutrition in the 21st century.  

10.  Waste reduction in agricultural and food operations and processing.                

The due date for concept papers sent to our editorial team is August 1, 2016.  Fully developed papers selected for submission from among these concept papers will be due November 30, 2016. Those complete papers will be reviewed by the editorial team at AIMS Agriculture and Food.

Questions should be addresses to any of the co-editors:  

Professor Edward Kick (elkick@ncsu.edu)

Professor Kelly Zering (kelly_zering@ncsu.edu)

Associate Professor John Classen (classen@ncsu.edu)

Edward L. Kick, Kelly Zering, John Classen
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Florencia G. Palis, R. M. Lampayan, R.J. Flor, E. Sibayan
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Laura McKinney, Yuki Kato
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J.M.A. Duncan, J. Dash, E.L. Tompkins
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M. Laura Donnet, Iraís Dámaris López Becerril, J. Roy Black, Jon Hellin
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Edward Kick, Maria Balcazar Tellez, Gretchen Thompson, John Classen
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