Mass Movement Processes, Hazards and Risks

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Guest Editors
Prof. John Rick Giardino

Netra Raj Regmi

Manuscript Topics
Mass movement, the downslope movement of slope material (i.e., creep, landslides, rock and soil fall, debris flows, mud and earth flows, and avalanches), occurs in a wide range of mountain environments and causes loss of life and property. It is a most widespread and effective agent that plays a major role in the evolution of mountain environments by sculpturing the hillslopes. It can significantly change the mountain environments suddenly or more slowly over time.Understanding processes, hazards and risks of mass movement, therefore, are extremely important for disaster management, and for promoting safe human occupation, infrastructure development, and environmental protection in mountainous environments.

Major causes of mass movement include hillslope geology, hydrology, vegetation and geomorphology, and the major triggers include earthquake, precipitation, snowmelt, and humans. This special issue of AIMS Geosciences will focus on the role of these factors on mass movement, and will fill the gap that exists in understanding causes, mechanisms, hazards and risks of mass movement in various mountain environments all over the world. This issue is dedicated to several aspects of mass movement studies at a range of scales. We primarily welcome mass movement research on: 1) causes (i.e., rainfall-, earthquake- and snowmelt-induced), mechanism and types, 2) inventory mapping, frequency and magnitude, 3) contribution of mass movement in the evolution of mountain environments, and 4) numerical and statistical approaches of mapping hazards and risks. We also welcome research on site-specific study of mass movement, which may involve a wide spectrum of slope instability characterization in areas ranging from a few square meters to whole mountain sides.

Keywords: Mass Movement, mountain environment, hazard and risk, frequency and magnitude, slope instability

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Alexander Fekete
AIMS Geosciences, 2017, 3(1): 37-66. doi: 10.3934/geosci.2017.1.37
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John V. Smith, Christian Arnhardt
AIMS Geosciences, 2016, 2(3): 214-230. doi: 10.3934/geosci.2016.3.214
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