Advanced Technologies for Air Pollution Control

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Topic Editor
Dr. Hsunling Bai
Professor and Chair
Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan 

Manuscript Topics
Invitation to submit an original research article, opinion paper or review article for a special issue of AIMS Environmental Science: 
Theme: Advanced Technologies for Air Pollution Control

Air pollution has always been an important issue from developing to developed countries. The air pollution control technologies have been developed to solve the problems which occur from outdoor to indoor air and from stationary sources to mobile sources. And owing to the global warming effect, biofuels have been world widely employed which could result in new types of air pollution problems and require further studies. And when employing the CO2 capture processes, an integrated design of air pollutant emission controls of SOx, NOx, PM and CO2 would be beneficial for the fossil fuel power plants. Besides, the energy consumption of an air pollution control device has become an important concern which leads to the rapid development of low temperature catalysis processes as well as the increasing use of low energy consumed technologies. For such purposes, nanotechnology and/or biotechnology could play important roles for reducing the energy consumption of air pollution control processes. 

We invite articles that address new advances on the air pollution control technologies. The following topics of studies are welcomed (but not limited to) for this special issue:

• Nanotechnology and/or biotechnology for air pollution control application
• Low temperature catalysis for air pollution control (NOx, VOCs etc.)
• PM2.5 and its precursor control
• Indoor air quality control technologies
• Biofuels deriving emissions and their controls
• Emissions and control technologies for vehicles
• Integrated pollution control for CO2 and other air pollutants.

Paper submission
 All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication.
The deadline for manuscript submission is 29 February 2016.

Instruction for Authors

TsungYu Lee, Hsunling Bai
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Tiffany L. B. Yelverton, David G. Nash, James E. Brown, Carl F. Singer, Jeffrey V. Ryan, Peter H. Kariher
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Masahiro Tokumura, Atsushi Mizukoshi, Miyuki Noguchi, Yuko Wada, Yuri Usami, Takako Yamaki, Yukio Yanagisawa
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Getachew A. Adnew, Carl Meusinger, Nicolai Bork, Michael Gallus, Mildrid Kyte, Vitalijs Rodins, Thomas Rosenørn, Matthew S. Johnson
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Andrea L. Clements, Matthew P. Fraser, Pierre Herckes, Paul A. Solomon
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