Epigenetics and Pregnancy

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Guest Editor
Kai Wang
Department of Animal Science, Michigan State University;
Michigan, MI48824 United States
Email: wangkai2@msu.edu

Manuscript Topics
A healthy pregnancy is not only critical for a baby`s pre-natal development, but also their health status in adulthood. It is increasingly recognized that there is a significant link between maternal stress factors (i.e., maternal obesity, alcohol consumption, smoking, and etc.), which the developing fetus is exposed to, and adult health problems for that offspring, for examples, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and hypertension. These diseases are collectively called the “developmental origins of adult diseases (DOADs)”.

Epigenetics is a critical transcription regulation process that plays important roles in lineage commitment, stem cell maintenance, and differentiation during pregnancy. Epigenetics is sensitive to maternal stress factors and is inheritable during fetal and child development. Hence epigenetics could be of central mechanisms in DOADs.

In recent years, the roles of epigenetics in stem cell biology and embryo development have been well established. However, there are still many challenges to understand how maternal stress factors cause epigenetic changes in the fetus, and subsequently attribute to the etiology/pathology of the adulthood diseases.

This special issue will focus on epigenetic regulations during embryo implantation, placentation, embryo development, decidulization, and their association with pregnancy-related diseases and DOADs.

Key words: Epigenetics; DNA methylation; histone modification; chromatin remodeling proteins; imprinting; maternal alcohols; smoke; embryo implantation; decidulization; embryo development; diseases of pregnancy; developmental origins of adult diseases (DOADs).

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