How can domain general theories of categorization account for category-specific deficits found in neuropsychological studies?

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Neuropsychological evidence indicates that brain damage can lead to object-recognition deficits in specific category domains (e.g., tools, animals). It has been argued that currently popular theories of categorization are designed to account for data across all domains (i.e., are domain general), and that it is unclear whether these theories can account for domain-specific deficits. Can domain-general theories of categorization explain category-specific deficits?

Topic Editor: Dr. Joseph V. Martin 
Rutgers State Univ, Ctr Computat & Integrat Biol, 315 Penn St, Camden, NJ 08102 USA. 
Instruction for Authors:
Submission due date: 30 May 2017
The commentary submission date is 30 June 2017

Margaret Jane Moore, Nele Demeyere
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