Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegenerative Diseases

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Guest Editor
Prof. Tiago Outeiro
Department of Neurodegeneration and Restorative Research, University Medical Center Goettingen, Georg August University Goettingen, Germany

Manuscript Topics
The continuous aging of the human population exposes a series of debilitating disorders of the nervous system characterized by severe cell loss and accumulation of misfolded proteins in the brain. These neurodegenerative diseases include, among others, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or Prion diseases. Currently, there are no effective therapeutic strategies to prevent the onset or to stop the progression of any of these diseases, and symptomatic treatments are reasonably successful only in the case of Parkinson’s disease.

While tremendous progress has been made in the understanding of the underlying mechanisms associated with these disorders, it is essential to devote more attention to their molecular basis, in the hope that we can open novel avenues for therapeutic intervention. Thus, the present issue focuses on the molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration, ranging from protein aggregation to synaptic dysfunction, neuroinflammation, and neuronal cell death.

We believe that this issue will constitute a contemporary and comprehensive view on how different molecular aspects of disease are being explored, paving the way for future therapeutic successes that our society urgently needs.

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Marco Feligioni, Serena Marcelli, Erin Knock, Urooba Nadeem, Ottavio Arancio, Paul E. Fraser
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Morgan Robinson, Brenda Yasie Lee, Zoya Leonenko
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Jian Zou, Fulton T. Crews
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Edith Debroas, Carine Ali, Dominique Duval
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Mireille Khacho, Ruth S. Slack
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Ann De Vos, Tine Bynens, Joëlle Rosseels, Catherina Coun, Julia Ring, Frank Madeo, Marie-Christine Galas, Joris Winderickx, Vanessa Franssens
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Chisato Kinoshita, Koji Aoyama, Toshio Nakaki
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Isabel Saez, David Vilchez
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