Steroid hormone receptor regulation and function

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Guest Editor
Prof. Per-Erik Olsson
The Life Science Center
Department of Science and Technology
Orebro University, Sweden

Manuscript Topics
Understanding the mechanisms of steroid hormone receptor regulation and function has rapidly progressed and influence basic and applied understanding in biology and medicine. The recent advances in the field of sex steroid receptors have revealed the presence of multiple signaling pathways involving both nuclear and membrane receptors. While both are involved in rapid signaling the nuclear receptors also directly regulate gene expression.

These receptors are associated with many diseases where mutations in the receptors result in alterations in their regulation, activation and function. In addition, there are large species variations in these receptors leading to species-specific effects.

The special issue on steroid hormone receptor regulation solicits original research articles and reviews that address the variation in regulation and function of sex steroid hormone receptors in humans and animals.

Paper submission
All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication.
The deadline for manuscript submission is 31 Jan 2015.

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Valentina Contrò, John R. Basile, Patrizia Proia
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James R. Lambert, Steven K. Nordeen
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William M. Scovell, Sachindra R. Joshi
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Carson C. Chow, Karen M. Ong, Benjamin Kagan, S. Stoney Simons Jr.
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