Genetics in non-model plant species

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Guest Editor
Dr. Carsten Külheim
Research School of Biology Australian National University, Australia

Manuscript Topics
Recent improvements in DNA sequencing technologies have led to increased sequencing throughput and largely reduced sequencing cost. This opened up new research fields on plant species other than model species with widely available genomic resources. New uses of next-generation sequencing are for example in population and association genetics, phylogenomics and metagenomics as well as whole genome sequencing.

It is very exciting to find more and more research being conducted using high throughput sequencing technologies in an ecological and evolutionary Biology context. Questions that were impossible to address less than a decade ago, can now be addressed within reasonable budgets. For example investigating the genetic basis of intraspecific variation in plant secondary metabolites or adaption to local environment was reserved for model species until recently. Phylogenetics and population genetics have typically applied a small number of molecular markers, but now high throughput datasets can be generated and analysed, providing much higher resolution of results.

This issue invites articles that address the application of novel methods in high-throughput sequencing to answer questions in plant genetics, ecology and evolutionary Biology. We are looking for contributions that address the plants interaction with the environment, interactions with other plants, pests, pathogens and symbiotic organisms, the evolution of defence mechanisms against pests and pathogens, and mechanisms of adaptation to the environment. In all cases, a particular emphasis will be placed on information gained from the study of non-model plant organisms.

Paper submission
All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication.
The deadline for manuscript submission is 30 Nov 2014.

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