Open access omics data in cancer research

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Guest Editor

Dr. Oana Zeleznik
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA

Manuscript Topics

Significant technological advances enable time and cost efficient measurements of diverse omics data types, such as genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics, while funding agencies are imposing access guidelines which favor open access data. These efforts resulted in an array of rich resources, such as The Cancer Genome Atlas, and The Genotype-Tissue Expression. More recently developed omics fields, such as metabolomics, adhere to the same guidelines and have built their own repositories (e.g., Metabolomics Workbench).

Cancer represents the second most common cause of death in the world. However, cancer is not one disease, it is a heterogeneous group of diseases that can affect almost every organ or tissue in the body. While huge advances have been made in understanding cancer and its different types, there are still countless unanswered questions. Open access data provides a unique but sometimes overlooked opportunity to make valuable contributions to the field, either by answering a new question or by validating previously published results. 

In this special issue we will explore the role played by open access omics datasets in cancer research, including cancer etiology, development, risk prediction, detection, progression, and treatment. We invite studies of more common types (e.g., lung, colorectal, or breast cancer) as well as of rare cancers. Integrative approaches in which multiple omics data types are analyzed together are also welcome. 

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The deadline for manuscript submission is October 30,2020.

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Dongchen Lu, Wei Han, Kai Lu
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Shuyi Cen, Kaiyou Fu, Yue Shi, Hanliang Jiang, Jiawei Shou, Liangkun You, Weidong Han, Hongming Pan, Zhen Liu
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