Understanding Alzheimer’s disease with mathematical models

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Guest Editor

Prof. Laurent Pujo-Menjouet
University Claude Bernard, Lyon 1, France
Email: pujo@math.univ-lyon1.fr

Manuscript Topics

The objective of this special issue is to gather the newest results and advances on Alzheimer’s disease through different mathematical approaches. It is indeed quite clear now that the biological processes involved in this fatal neurodegenerative disease require a wide range of mathematical tools, models and angles to tackle the problem. All the mathematical forces combined with the biologist expertise through a strong interdisciplinary collaboration are required to fully understand how the dynamics of its progression and eventually better prevent and cure this pathology.

In this issue, we try to gather the most recent advances in this field to provide an overview of what has been achieved up to now and what are the short and long term perspectives.

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The deadline for manuscript submission is September 30, 2020.

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