Advances and Technologies in Smart Power Systems Operation, control, protection and Security

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Guest Editors

Hassan Haes Alhelou
Researcher at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran & Faculty Member at Department of Electrical Power Engineering, Tishreen University, Lattakia, SY.

Baseem Khan
Professor at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Hawassa University, ET.

Manuscript Topics

We would like to invite submissions to a Special Issue of AIMS Energy on the subject of High Voltage transmission Systems entitled “Advances and Technologies in Smart Power Systems Operation, control, protection and Security”. The electrical demands in several countries around the world are increasing due to the needs of huge energy amount for prosperous economy and human activities of modern life. In order to economically transfer the electrical powers from generation-side to demand-side, these powers are transferred in high voltage levels through suitable transmission systems and power substations. To this end, high voltage transmission systems and power substations are in the demand. Actually, these parts are the heart of interconnected power systems, in which any faults might lead to unsuitable consequences, abnormal operation situations, security issues, even power cuts and blackouts. In order to cope with ever-increasing operation and control complexity and security in interconnected high voltage power systems, new architectures, concepts, algorithms, and procedures are essential. This Special Issue aims at encouraging researchers to address the technical issues and research gaps in high voltage transmission systems and power substations in modern energy systems. The topics of interest of this special issue include but are not limited to:

• Smart grid
• Power system protection and security.
• Power system control, operation and stability.
• Power system dynamics.
• Frequency and voltage control.
• High voltage systems dynamics and stability.
• High voltage transmission/power-station systems operation and control.
• Issues in extra high voltage systems.
• High voltage transmission lines and tie-lines.
• High voltage power station automation and control.
• High voltage power system monitoring, and security.
• Technical issues in high voltage transmission systems.
• Border links between high voltage systems and other voltage levels.
• Power station/substation architecture.
• Artificial Intelligent applications to high voltage power systems.
• Energy trading in transmission systems.
• Systems of systems in high voltage levels.
• Methodologies and applications of modern methods for the power substations and transmission systems.
• System reliability, sustainability, flexibility, and resiliency.
• The design, modeling, and management of interconnected and bulk power systems.
• Lighting protection in power systems.
• voltage surges in power systems.
• Isolation issues in high voltage levels.
• Frequency monitoring, control, protection, stability, and security in power systems.
• Voltage control, and stability.
• High-voltage direct current.
• Installations, Tower earthing including its measurement, overhead line-fittings, ice load and de-icing, sequence-impedance computations.

Paper Submission
All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication.
The deadline for manuscript submission is 30 June, 2020.

Instructions for authors
Please submit your manuscript to online submission system

Awatif Nadia, Abdul Hasib Chowdhury, Esheta Mahfuj, Md. Sanwar Hossain, Khondoker Ziaul Islam, Md. Istianatur Rahman
AIMS Energy, 2020, 8(4): 701-720. doi: 10.3934/energy.2020.4.701
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R. S. Solaiman, T. G. Kherbek, A. S. Ahmad
AIMS Energy, 2020, 8(4): 686-700. doi: 10.3934/energy.2020.4.686
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(392 KB)
Shoyab Ali, Annapurna Bhargava, Rameshwar Singh, Om Prakash Mahela, Baseem Khan, Hassan Haes Alhelou
AIMS Energy, 2020, 8(3): 394-420. doi: 10.3934/energy.2020.3.394
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1336 KB)
Mohamed M. Abdelzaher, Almoataz Y. Abdelaziz, Hassan M. Mahmoud, Said F. Mekhamer, Samia G. Ali, Hassan H. Alhelou
AIMS Energy, 2020, 8(2): 272-298. doi: 10.3934/energy.2020.2.272
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1022 KB)
Abdelazeem A. Abdelsalam, Karim M. Hassanin, Almoataz Y. Abdelaziz, Hassan Haes Alhelou
AIMS Energy, 2020, 8(1): 122-141. doi: 10.3934/energy.2020.1.122
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