Recent Advances in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering and Related Sciences

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Guest Editor
Prof. Mergen H Ghayesh
School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia

Manuscript Topics
Understanding the mechanical behaviour of biological systems at both small-scale and large-scale levels is important as it can help bio-engineers and physicians to invent novel techniques and methods of treatment and diagnosis. For instance, simulating the mechanical behaviour of coronary arteries such as their nonlinear dynamics could be used as a tool for the prediction of the initiation of heart diseases. In biomechanical analyses, it is highly important to develop comprehensive theoretical models and take into account the effects of different parameters on the mechanical behaviour since biological systems are very sensitive to external and internal stimuli.

The main focus of this special issue is on recent advances in biomechanics and related sciences such as medicine and mechanics. This special issue is devoted to the mechanical behaviour of biological systems from large-scale levels such as human arteries, heart and kidney to small-scale levels such as protein microtubules and actin filaments; however, this special issue is not limited to these biomechanics problems, and every experimental or theoretical article in the field of biomechanics, medicine and mechanics is welcome.

Paper Submission
All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication.
The deadline for manuscript submission is July 30, 2020.

Instructions for authors
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Juan Palomares-Ruiz, Efrén Ruelas, Flavio Muñoz, José Castro, Angel Rodríguez
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Akim Kapsalyamov, Shahid Hussain, Prashant K. Jamwal
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Sharon L. Truesdell, Marnie M. Saunders
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