Understanding Productivity: Determinants and Challenges

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Guest Editor
Dr. Ioannis Bournakis
Department of Economics, Middlesex University, London NW4 4BT, UK
Email: I.Bournakis@mdx.ac.uk

Manuscript Topics
Stimulating productivity remains the most crucial macroeconomic objective in the long run. After fifty years of economic prosperity in GDP per capita terms, many countries in the developed world have recently experienced substantial productivity slow down. USA’s productivity since the revolution of ICT development in mid 1990s has remained stagnant while there was another downshift in 2007–2008 as a result of the financial collapse. A similar pattern is also existent in other countries of the developed world. Real GDP per capita in the UK has fallen about 4% since 2006 while the prolonged recession in the euro area during 2010s has significantly affected productivity potential of many EU countries. Policies that will enable productivity acceleration are highly ranked in the economic policy agenda. Nonetheless, the improvement of productivity is a policy objective that encounters numerous challenges and constraints (fiscal, financial and environmental). The special issue aims to shed light on an array of issues associated with the determinants of productivity enhancement as well as to analyse the various constraints that can potentially slow down productivity.

The special issue calls for theoretical and empirical papers on productivity measurement and determinants. Papers that use disaggregate data at the firm or the plant level are particularly welcome. Indicatively, the special issue will consider papers that analyse the effects of infrastructure, finance, ICT and environmental technology on productivity.

Total Factor productivity
Labour Productivity
Trade and Environment
Environment and Growth
Growth in Open Economies, Finance
Industrialisation, Corporate Finance and Government

Paper submission
All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication.
The deadline for manuscript submission is 20th December 2019.
JEL Classification: D24, H32, J24, O14, O16, O44, OA7

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