Profiling asset holders

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Dr. Omar Paccagnella
Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Padua, Padua, Italy

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Risk profiling is a key process to determine the optimal level of investment risk of people and establish a proper asset allocation for a portfolio. The knowledge of the goals, the experience, time horizon of the investment, or the liquidity needs, financial situation, risk tolerance of the customer is vital to build efficient portfolio strategies. However, in many cases such detailed information is not available, while other individual features may be collected or known in other ways.

This special issue is intended to collect new, innovative and in-depth researches to profile and segment populations of investors (according to their asset choices) or potential populations of investors (according to their needs), including groups of special policy interest, such as the young, the elderly and/or the rich. Advances statistical and econometric approaches (such as latent variables, dynamic modelling, and so on) are suitable to investigate the role of individual/household/context characteristics to identify homogenous groups of asset holders, in order to develop proper financial planning. Keywords: asset holders; contextual factors; individual characteristics; portfolio composition; segmentation

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