Mathematical Models and Autoimmune Diseases

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Guest Editors
Prof. Stephen J. Merrill
Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Marquette University, USA

Prof. Balamurugan Pandiyan
Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, USA

Call for Papers Announcement
The history of mathematical models of the immune response is now about 50 years old. The development of models which describe autoimmunity, where the immune response has an action which damages the host date back 40 years. Over this time, the ubiquitous nature of autoimmunity has been recognized and its effects in areas beyond the many autoimmune diseases appreciated. In this special issue, we hope to bring together modeling work which deals both with autoimmune diseases and the autoimmune aspects of these related areas. The Editors particularly invite contributions in the following areas:

• Modeling the initiation and development of autoimmune diseases
• Models of the relationship between autoimmunity and cancer
• Development of biomarkers in autoimmune disease
• Models of immune regulation/dysregulation in autoimmunity
• Models of the role of chronic inflammation in autoimmunity
• Models of cancer immunotherapy and autoimmunity

Paper Submission
All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication.

Instructions for authors
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Zamra Sajid, Morten Andersen, Johnny T. Ottesen
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Balamurugan Pandiyan, Stephen J. Merrill
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