Signaling pathways dynamics and cancer treatment

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Guest Editor
Dr. Krzysztof Puszynski
Silesian University of Technology, Poland

Manuscript Topics
In the recent years more and more papers is published concerning various approaches to cancer treatment. Scientists consider cancer on the body, tissue or cells population level. With the latest advancements in experimental techniques more and more is known on the intracellular level of cancer development. In the cell genes, mRNAs and proteins create complicated network of mutual interactions with many feedback loops in which the information is gathered, processed and finally, decision of the cell response is made. This network, called signaling pathway may be altered by the genes mutations followed e.g. by the over or under expression of specific proteins, loss or change of their functionality or lack of protein production at all. This of course changes the dynamics of the signaling pathways related to the mutated genes and in some cases may lead to the cancer development. On the other hand one may want to specifically change the dynamics of altered or other intracellular signaling pathways e.g. by introducing specific miRNAs, siRNAs or other molecules to restore the proper functioning of the altered signaling pathway or to push the cancer cells to apoptosis. It becomes clear that better understanding of this complicated network of signaling pathways and its dynamics may not only allow for better understanding of the cancer origins and development but may also open the whole new field of the cancer treatment. In this special issue we want to address the recent advances on the field of identification of the signaling pathways related to cancer development and treatment, analyzing their dynamics and alterations leading to cancer as well as potential therapies targeting such pathways.

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