Computational Modeling of Multi-scale and Multi-physics problems in biomechanics and biomedical engineering

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Guest Editor
Prof. Timon Rabczuk
Department of Structural Engineering, Institute of Structural Mechanics, Bauhaus University of Weimar, Weimar, Germany

Manuscript Topics
Thanks to the significant recent advances in computer science and computer hardware, the numerical simulation of many complex multi-physics and/or multi-scale problems in engineering, science, and medicine, which was believed to be unattainable only a few years ago, is now feasible. Accordingly, recent years have witnessed a growing research interest in designing new theoretical models and computational algorithms for these challenging problems. This special issue aims for contributions on advanced computational methods and theories for multi-scale and multi-physics problems in solids and fluids with applications in biomedical engineering or biomechanics such as the simulation of biomembranes or vesicles. Other topics include, but are not limited to, novel theoretical developments and computational approaches for: fluid-structure interaction, multi-phase flows, electrohydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic systems, magneto-electro-mechanical systems, biomechanical problems such as cell crawling and hydrodynamics of lipid bilayers, and atomistic/continuum coupling. We specially welcome interdisciplinary contributions. In addition, new developments in software design, efficient implementation on high-performance computers, model order reduction for coupled scales and/or fields, verification and validation methods and numerical benchmarking for coupled scales and/or fields are also welcome.

Paper Submission
All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication.
The deadline for manuscript submission is March 15th, 2019.

Instructions for authors
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