Empirical and Operational Research in Banking

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Dr. Yong (Aaron) Tan
Department of Accountancy, Finance and Economics, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK
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As the most important financial industry of a country, the performance of banking sector has been attracting attention from government officials, banking regulatory authorities, bank practitioners as well as academic researchers. While with the development of globalization and innovation in the financial sector, the competitive conditions in the banking industry have been increasing. How to perform better in a competitive environment and how to sustain a good performance is an important issue concerned by the financial sector and academic researchers. Because of the financial crisis between 2007-2009, academic researchers have been increasing their focus on investigating the stability in the banking sector, can banks improve their performance under a stronger competitive environment without increasing any risk-taking behaviour? If so, how can they achieve this? Answering these questions will not only benefit to the banking industry, but more importantly, will contribute to the well and sustainable development of the economy. This special issue has a comprehensive coverage of relevant operational issues of banking industry, the topics included in this special issue but are not limited to: Performance in the banking industry, stability in the banking industry, competition in the banking industry, corporate governance in the banking industry, corporate social responsibility in the banking industry, sustainability in the banking industry and operational research in banking.

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