Fluctuations in biosystems

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Guest Editor
Prof. Eun-jin Kim
School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK
Email: E.Kim@sheffield.ac.uk

Manuscript Topics
Fluctuations are ubiquitous and play a crucial role in the evolution in many systems including biosystems. For example, in nonlinear systems, they can change the stability by making a stable equilibrium point unstable (or vice versa) or by inducing a stochastic resonance, while in a linear system, it can also increase the linear growth rate. In fluids, the quadratic interaction of small-scale fluctuations affects the evolution of a large-scale mean field, leading to the formation of large-scale coherent structures. Given the uncertainty due to fluctuations, it is crucial to employ a statistical methodology such as a Probability Density Function (PDF). The change in the stability of a nonlinear system could then be inferred from a stationary PDF such as the transition from a unimodal to bimodal PDF or vice versa.

To understand fast growing biological data on fluctuations, a mathematical modelling has become pivotal. This special issue is devoted to new developments in mathematical modelling of fluctuating phenomena in biosystems. Potential topics include but are not limited to:
• Stochastic noise
• Periodic noise
• Stability
• Nonlinear dynamics
• Attractor/limit cycle
• Statistical mechanics
• Fokker-Planck equation
• Probability density function
• Homeostasis

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The deadline for manuscript submission is March 31, 2020.

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Eun-jin Kim, Massimo Capoccia
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Qian Ding, Jian Liu, Zhiming Guo
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Christophe Minetti, Carlo S. Iorio, Hatim Machrafi
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