Computational models in life sciences

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Guest Editor
Prof. Ling Yang
Center for Systems Biology, Soochow University, Room-101, Wegetang, No1. Shizi street, Suzhou, Jiangsu 215006, China

Manuscript Topics
Computational models are of great importance in life sciences, such as cell biology, epidemic diseases, and population dynamics. Mathematical modeling provides a powerful tool to investigate the underling mechanisms for complex network and new insights for biological phenomena. Moreover, it also helps in predicting and controlling the biological systems and thus guide the further experimental explorations.

This special issue aims to focus on the development of mathematical and computational methods for biological applications. We encourage the authors to submit the manuscripts about computational modelling in life sciences. Experimental validation is appreciated but not necessary.

Potential topics include but are not limited to:

• Nonlinear Dynamics
• Bistability and Multi-stability
• Biological oscillations
• Controllability
• Data-driven approaches in life sciences
• Computational modeling in molecular network, epidemic diseases, and population dynamics
• Landscape of statistical modeling

Paper Submission
All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication.
The deadline for manuscript submission is January 31, 2019.

Instructions for authors
Please submit your manuscript to online submission system

Dan Zhu, Qinfang Qian
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1257 KB)
Xiaxia Kang, Jie Yan, Fan Huang, Ling Yang
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(2074 KB)
Guanghui Cheng, Yuangen Yao, Rong Gui, Ming Yi
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1439 KB)
Jiajun Zhang, Tianshou Zhou
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1547 KB)
Jinhui Zhang, Jingli Ren, Xinan Zhang
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(822 KB)
Xiao-Wei Ye, Xiao-Peng Zhang, Feng Liu
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(5396 KB)
Ying Jiang, Min Luo,Jianfeng Jiao, Ruiqi Wang
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(4537 KB)
Changgui Gu, Ping Wang, Tongfeng Weng, Huijie Yang, Jos Rohling
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(900 KB)
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