Uncertainty and Monetary Policy

Special Issue Editors:
Professor Zhenghui Li
Guangzhou Academy of International Finance and Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, China
Email: lizh@aimspress.com


Although the world economy is growing moderately in the process of restoration, its development environment is more complex than ever before. With the resumption of the interest rate hike cycle by the federal reserve, the European refugee crisis keeps festering, and the escalation of China-US trade war, the increasing macroeconomic uncertainty has led to increasingly complicated economic fluctuations, which has also brought greater difficulties to the macro-control and monetary policy operations. Against this background, governments need to continually improve the pertinence, flexibility and effectiveness of policy operations to maintain the soundness of global economy.

This special issue brings all of the latest advances in uncertainty and monetary policy together by acting as a repository for papers. Studies are not limited to these topics. First, measurement and characteristic analysis of policy uncertainty; Second, the impact of uncertainty on macro finance; Third: the relationship between uncertainty and monetary policy; Fourth, uncertainty and monetary policy expectations; Fifth, the impact of uncertainty on macroeconomic volatility and cycle.

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Submission due date: 15 March 2019

Richard J. Cebula, Robert Boylan
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Lucjan T. Orlowski, Monika Sywak
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