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AIMS Agriculture and Food is an international Open Access journal devoted to publishing high-quality,
peer-reviewed original papers representing complete studies in the multidisciplinary field of Agriculture
and Food. The journal places a special emphasis on papers addressing the interface between food and
agriculture. In addition to papers addressing traditional topics related to agriculture and food, the
journal encourages papers addressing current and future challenges related to agricultural and food
production and utilization.

The journal accepts original research articles, reviews, editorials, letters, and conference reports.

AIMS Agriculture and Food covers a broad array of topics pertaining to agriculture and food, including,
but not limited to:

 Agricultural and food production and utilization
 Food science and technology
 Agricultural and food engineering
 Food chemistry and biochemistry
 Food materials
 Physico-chemical, structural and functional properties of agricultural and food products
 Agriculture and the environment
 Biorefineries in agricultural and food systems
 Food security and novel alternative food sources
 Traceability and regional origin of agricultural and food products
 Authentication of food and agricultural products
 Food safety and food microbiology
 Waste reduction in agriculture and food production and processing
 Animal science, aquaculture, husbandry and veterinary medicine
 Resources utilization and sustainability in food and agricultural production and processing
 Horticulture and plant science
 Agricultural economics
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Open Access Journals