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AIMS Neuroscience is an international Open Access journal devoted to publishing peer-reviewed, high quality, original papers from all areas in the field of neuroscience. The primary focus is to provide a forum in which to expedite the speed with which theoretical neuroscience progresses toward generating testable hypotheses. In the presence of current and developing technology that offers unprecedented access to functions of the nervous system at all levels, the journal is designed to serve the role of providing the widest variety of the best theoretical views leading to suggested studies. Single blind peer review is provided for all articles and commentaries.

Topics are announced at least three months in advance of each issue with the submission date. Up to five articles, limited to 8000 words, will be published with as wide a range of theoretical views as possible on a given topic. Peer review of papers will be done in a month following the specified submission date. For those that are accepted, on-line publication of the uncorrected article occurs within seven days with the final corrected version done in six weeks. During the next month following acceptance, the authors of the articles will write a commentary paper of no more than 2000 words evaluating the other simultaneously published articles vis-á-vis their own, with the goals of synthesis, integration, and expansion where possible. For any obviously incompatible points, authors are asked to provide specific suggestions on ways to empirically address the points to clarify which is likely correct. These commentaries will be published in the next issue. At the time the original articles are published, a general call for additional commentary papers will occur, targeting submission within a month. These will be subjected to peer review and up to five new commentaries will be published the third month. The overall process is designed to foster productive interaction, leading to the generation of hybrid theories and new ideas.

Submission of theoretical papers that do not fall into planned topical areas and represent well-founded novel contributions are also encouraged. An open call for commentaries on the accepted articles will occur with the goal that these be received within a month followed by peer review within 4 weeks. The journal also encourages submission of empirical papers that relate to theory. The previously described rapid review and publication will occur with these articles.


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