Mathematical Biosciences & Engineering

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MBE focuses on new developments in the fast-growing fields of mathematical biosciences and bioengineering.
Areas covered include general mathematics, biology, and engineering with an emphasis on cutting-edge integrative and interdisciplinary research bridging mathematics, biology and engineering.

• AIMS is a member of COPE. All AIMS journals adhere to the publication ethics and malpractice policies outlined by COPE.
• Publishes 6 issues a year in February, April, June, August, October and December.
• Publishes online only.
• Prior to acceptance for publication in the journal, authors retain the right to make their original version of the article available on their own personal website and/or that of their employer and/or in free public servers of original version articles (unformatted, pre-peer review) in their subject area, provided that, upon acceptance, they acknowledge that the article has been accepted for publication as follows: This article has been accepted for publication in Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering.

MBE Scope

• advanced materials
• biochemistry
• biodiversity
• bioinformatics
• biomathematics
• biophysics
• biostatistics
• cell biology
• clean energy
• cybersecurity
• developmental biology
• environmental protection
• evolutionary biology
• general mathematics
• genetics
• genomics
• green chemical engineering
• green industrial processes
• hydro projects
• immunology
• intelligent manufacturing
• marine biology
• mathematical biology
• mathematical modeling
• mathematical physics
• medicine
• molecular biology
• neurobiology
• nonlinear
• number theory
• numerical analysis
• pharmacology
• plant biology
• proteomics
• robotics
• smart city and big data
• smart grid
• smart process manufacturing
• stochastic dynamics
• sustainable infrastructure
• systems biology
• virology
• zoology
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