Topical Section

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Obstetrics Section

Kelly Pagidas (Section Editor-in-chief)

Cancer Genetics

Contraception for women


Gynecologic oncology

Gynecology and Women’s Health

Placenta Development

Placentation and pregnancy-related diseases

Reproductive Endocrinology

Reproductive genetic

Nursing and Health

Belgüzar Kara (Section Editor-in-Chief)

Cancer management

Community & Public Health Nursing

Illness and mental health

Importance of clinical trials

Pain management

Patient care

Personal habits, lifestyle and health promotion

Sleep quality and chronic diseases

Surgery and Anesthesia

Geriatrics Section

Maureen C. Ashe (Section Editor-in-Chief)

Falls and fractures

Health promotion with older adults at retirement

Interventions that cross the continuum of care from hospital to home

Light activity and health outcomes in older adults

Quality of Life and aging

Sedentary behavior and cognition

Social isolation and Physical Activity

The role of the nurse in geriatrics

Endocrinology Section

Panayota Mitrou (Section Editor-in-Chief)

Autoimmune thyroiditis

Cell signalling and metabolism

Insulin resistance

Latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA)

Monogenic Diabetes (Neonatal Diabetes, MODY)

Subclinical thyroid disease

Thyroid disease

Thyroid disease and psychopathology

Thyroid hormone and cardiovascular disease

Type 2 diabetes mellitus

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